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Auto body shop near me

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Auto body shop

Addison Auto Repair & Body Shop

Addison Auto body shop near me is a full-service Denver auto repair and body shop capable of repairing and servicing all major makes and models. Bodywork services include sheet metal repair, aluminum repair, bumper repair, frame and unibody repair, paint services, mechanical repair, detailing, and more.

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Getting an auto accident is bad enough but having to deal with shoddy work is another horrible nightmare. But even if your vehicle is complete wreckage, repairing and bringing it back to shape need not to be another headache. The most important thing is ensuring that you choose the perfect auto body shop. In this article, we tell you how to go about picking the right auto body shop for your auto body collision repair.

Get recommendation

Insurance companies shouldn’t impose an auto body collision repair shop for you. However, majority of insurance companies maintain a list of shops they have worked with previously. Rather than rely on them for a shop, use their list to narrow down your choices. Once you’ve got your hand onto the list, ask your colleagues, friends and even your mechanic if there is a shop or shops in the list they recommend.

Check the reputation of a shop

At this point, you have two or three shops recommended to you by your colleague, mechanic or a friend. The next thing here is to dig in a little to know the reputations of the companies. This is done by calling the company or visiting their websites. Check with your local BBB (better business bureau), local state consumer protection office and your local consumer affairs office. These will give you the number of complaints registered against each company, their nature as well as how the reported complaints were resolved.

Ask about parts

If the reputation of the company seems okay to you, the next thing you want to consider is parts. Check to find out whether the shop stocks original factory parts or aftermarket parts. Original parts are the better option and even manufacturers often recommend them.


Another way of knowing whether or not a shop is reputable is looking for its certification. Although some states do have own auto body industry associations, national associations like Auto Body Association and Society of Collision Repair Specialists are also very good. Lastly, find out if a shop’s technicians have been certified by National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.

Technician Competence

You don’t want your already damaged car to be tended to by an incompetent technician. You can check competence by looking at trade school diplomas as well as certificates of advanced coursework training from I-CAR. With competent and qualified technicians, you can be sure that your car will be given the best care.

Modern equipment

Apart from the facility being organized and neat, it should also have modern equipment. Many manufacturers of vehicles recommend specific equipment and procedures for vehicle repair. Make sure that whatever facility you opt for, it has proper equipment and is trained on the procedures.

Do they offer warranty?

According to auto experts, and auto body shop that claims to be reputable must offer lifetime warranty, irrespective o f whether the bill is paid by the customer or the insurance company.


There are many things like can damage your car- storm damage, a road accident or corrosion and rust. Whatever the cause of damage, you need to find a good auto body repair shop to bring it back to shape. But with so many companies out there, it can be a challenge choosing an auto body shop that is not only reputable but also has competent technicians. Use our tips above to choose the perfect auto body shape.

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